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Smartphone technology is fast developing and smartphones are becoming more smart every day. The biggest feature of the smartphone is that many things you need are completed by smartphones. Instead of a TV, camera, MP3 player, radio, alarm clock and calculator, just one smartphone makes all these work. Very few people know that the smartphone can also be used as a scanner. Smartphones can be scanned and stocked easily by document scanning.

There are two ways to scan a document from a smartphone. In the first way, users can scan a document through Google Drive, while in the second way you can share documents by using third-party apps.

If you want to scan a document through Google Drive, then follow these steps.

Step 1- First click on the Google Drive option in your smartphone.

Step 2- Now you have a ‘+’ sign, click on it.

Step 3- As it appears in the image, you now have 6 options. Click on the Scan option in it.

Step 4- Now scan the image of the document you want to scan, keeping it in adequate light.

Step 5- Now click on the ‘√’ mark. (If you want to click on many documents, then continue by clicking on the ‘+’ mark) Now the document will be saved in your drive. From here you can also share it.

How to document and share documents through third-party apps

Step 1- Install the CamScanner -Phone PDF Creator app from Google Play Store first. This is a free app. However, you will get more features in its paid edition.

Step 2- After opening the app you will have a sign in or register option.

Step 3 – After signing in, you will get the option of scanning the document, id and QR code on the app’s home screen. Take a picture of whatever document you want to scan. After taking a few seconds you will see 6 points on the photo. With the help of these points, select the document inside the photo. Then click on ‘√’ option.

Step 4- Now your Dock will scan. You can also use effect filters in it.

Step 5- After clicking ‘√’ your photo will be saved. You can create this pdf file or you can share it directly with anyone.

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