Change up to 50 characters on Twitter

There is a good news for microblogging website twitter users. Now users can use their full name on Twitter. Twitter has recently increased the number of user names in the character limit to 50. That is, you can now use your full name. Let us know that users were unable to make full use of their name and surname due to the decreasing first Character Limit. If you also want to take advantage of this new feature, here we are going to tell you, you can change your name on Twitter.

Follow these steps to change your username on Twitter.

step 1-
First login your Twitter account.

Step 2-
Now click on the profile on the right and click on Settings and privacy.

Step 3-
Here you will see user name.


Step 4-
You can change your user name using up to 50 characters.

Step 5-
After changing the user name, make OK. This will change your user name.

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