Clear your digital camera

Cleaning your digital camera can be complicated and troublesome task for photographers. Every time we change the camera lens, it usually stains from dust and pollution.

Still, cleaning inside the camera is very important. Otherwise the stains will also appear on the photo from the soil of the sensor. Today we have brought you a list of the ways in which to clean your digital camera. These ways can prove to be beneficial for you.

Let’s see …

Auto Clean Function
Nowadays most of the DSLR cameras have the function of automatic cleaning of the sensor. When you do this, the camera gives a micro-vibration to the sensor, causing the dust and soil to move away. If your camera does not have this feature then you have many other ways.

  • Before cleaning manually, keep in mind that you have these things:
    Clean Brush
    Camera Sensor Cleaning Solution
    Air Blower

How to Clean Sensor
Step 1: Check your camera manually clearing option.

Step 2: When you select this mode, you will see the mirror people back and the sensor will appear.

Step 3: Use the manual air blowers to push air in the camera. Be sure that blower’s tip is dry and does not touch the sensor.

Step 4: When it is clear, turn off the camera and change the lens.

How to Clean and Wet the Camera?
Step 1: Select Manual Clean Option and Lock Mirror.

Step 2: Blow air to remove the stains on the camera.

Step 3: Now insert two drop solutions on the tip of the brush.

Step 4: Then keep the tip of the brush carefully on the sensor, move it around the sensor. On the other side, do the same.

Step 5: Now change the lens and try taking photos. If you still see the stains, clean it with a new brush instead.

If it is a digital point or a shoot camera then you can use paper towels or some soft fabric. It’s much easier to clean digital cameras instead of DSLR. You just have to take the right things in order to clean so that the lens or LCD screen does not fall on scratch.

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