Easily sync your desktop to Google Drive

It is also very important to keep the data in the PC as well as to keep it online at the store, it keeps the data completely secure and can be easily accessed if needed.

It’s easy to sync your desktop PC with Google Drive. We are telling you how to sync PC to Google Drive …

step 1
First of all, download back up and sync tools, it is used mostly for data syncing over the Internet. Set it your priority by doing this. Download the version of this tool that is not compatible with your device unless it is compactable.

Step: 2
When you open this app first, some of your permissions will be asked, accept it and proceed. If you have already installed Google Drive, you do not have to log in to this app, if you have not installed, then fill in the login information in Google Drive.

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Step: 3
Now you have to choose between different segments of the app whether you are trying to sync data between Google Drive and PC devices or only PC and Google Drive. Backup and Sync app have syncing and back up process options, so you will be able to do this easily.

Step: 4
It will continue to backup and sync until you close it every time. Now those folders and content will be updated automatically in your Google Drive and Google Photos where you have selected. So you will not need to do this again and again. You just open the app and do your work, all this will happen automatically.

Is not it easy to sync this data! You can also add your desktop to Google Drive and Google Photos like this. This is a process that completely protects your data.

There is no need to learn more about it. You just follow the methods we’ve told and sync your data with Google Drive and Google Photos. Hope you have liked this article. Along with data syncing, you must write your confirmation in the Comments box of the article and tell us your feedback.

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