fix wi-fi connection problems

The problems related to the Wi-Fi connection are quite common and are also troublesome. Many times when you join your ghar or office’s WiFi connection some time later, it asks for password. At the same time there is no connection to Wifi. In such cases, some urgent work is missed many times.

If you are one of those users whose Android smartphone faces such problems, then you can solve this problem by following the tips given below. Let’s start.

Check connection settings
If your phone is not connecting to Wi-Fi then you should check the connection settings in most of your phone. See if Wi-Fi is turned on in your phone or not. Many times we forget to turn on Wi-Fi and turn it on. If you’ve forgotten to turn it on by mistake, turn it on.

Wi-Fi router’s name and password
After the connection comes the number is the Wi-Fi router’s name and password. If Wi-Fi is not connecting after trying too many times, then check your Wi-Fi router’s name and password. Maybe it has changed, or you are making a mistake.

Reboot to Phone and Router
Whenever the phone does not connect to Wi-Fi, there is always a reduction in router. There may be some problem with your phone. If it is not connected even after trying many times, then reboot both the phone and the router, this method works mostly.

Reconnect Wi-Fi
In addition to reboot, there is a way to reconnect WiFi. Forgotten password for this and connect again by typing the router name and password.

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