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Google alerts is one of the features of the giant search engine that is very useful for anyone who works with the internet. Google is a search engine that every other person can use. It also needs everyone to read. However, there are few people who are familiar with Google’s unique services and few knows them.

There are many new and old features that make common users unaware of, one of these is Google Alerts. This service giant’s service keeps you up to date. Whether it is a political news or a report related to technology, you will find all the information.

Not only this, because of this great feature of Google, you can set up alerts about many important and specific keywords, so that Google will alert you when new results come to them.

Step 1
First go to the address bar of your browser and type in, then enter it.

step 2
Most people have a Gmail account, you also have to sign in to your Gmail account.

Step 3
Now write the words, keywords you want Google to track. You have to separate words by commas.

Step 4
Now select the type of information that you want Google alerts to find for you. Here you will find options like news, blogs, videos, discounts, books.

Step 5
Click on Show Options which you can see, how often you want this alert. Now click on Create Alert.

Step 6
Once your alert is set-up, you will start getting email, whenever Google receives new results from your keywords.

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