How to set up two monitors on a PC

Till a few years ago, setting up a dual monitor was very difficult, and it would also have been forgotten. But in today’s time the technology has gone a long way, and setting up a dual monitor is very easy today.

Apart from this there was no such option in Windows OS but now it is possible with third party dual software.

First of all, take two monitors, having two different monitors, you will have the experience of seeing a different picture. Because having two different monitors, their resolutions will be different, which will be resized later.

After this you will have to look at the connection behind the monitor because there are not many inputs behind the monitor. But we need a lot of inputs to connect the two monitors together. So, look at the inputs while buying a monitor.

The second is the graphic card, usually connected to the monitor motherboard or from the graphics card. With a graphics card you can connect more monitors and you can connect one or two only to the motherboard. So you have to decide whether to use a graphics card or more than one.

Dual Monitor Settings

When you connect to another monitor window, the desktop will automatically be able to see the second desktop on the same monitor. You can create a Primary Monitor by right-clicking on the display setting. After this you can go to Advanced Display Settings to fix its resolution.

Along with this, you can also change the taskbar by right-clicking. Once you see multiple display options, you can hide the taskbar. You can go to the spin option for personalization for the background and you can put both the monitor on the image.

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