How to transfer data from iPhone to Android?

If you are thinking of going to Android phones from the iPhone then the best thing you can do is to have data, from Android to Android phones, there are many ways to transfer data, but transferring data from iPhone to Android phones is not so easy. There are quite a few apps, as well as many Fake apps that can damage the data with your phone too.

But this is not so difficult. You just have to install some software in your phone. Then you have to follow the steps given below. Your data will be easily transferred.

First of all, mobile transfer software must be installed in PC, in addition to itunes PCs installed in your pc, but there is no need to sync data from iTunes.
Mobile Transfer Download Link – Windows MacOS

1- Now click on your iPhone and Android phone from One Click Phone Transfer, after connecting the phone, the source and Destination will be detected automatically, ie the phone to which the data is to be transmitted will appear in the source and the phone to transfer data He will be seen in the destination.

2- Now you have to select the data that you want to transfer from iPhone to Android, after selecting the data, after clicking on the copy button, you will see some popup buttons that will come after the data is copied. This means your data has been copied.

In this way, you can transfer data from Android to Android phones. Hope you liked this post, if you want to know more about this post, then comment on us and also like our Facebook page to get the latest updates.

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