Smartphone tips part-2

According to the current life style and needs, the smartphone has become necessary for every person. You can call the smartphone a small mobile computer, so that almost all of the laptops or computers can do the work. However, there are more damages than the benefits of keeping the smartphone together at all times. Well here we are talking about the smartphone’s battery. You must have read the phone battery in your surroundings or news and the accident of the user was injured. Actually tell you that many cheap smartphones use local batteries.

The low quality battery used in the cheap phone has more chances to burst. Apart from this, over charging, charging the phone from the wrong charger, the battery of the smartphone blasts several times. Here we are telling you about the 5 changes that come to your smartphone, keeping in mind that you can avoid blast accidents in the smartphone.

Overhaul in the smartphone-
Let’s say all smartphones produce little heat during use. But if your smartphone is getting warmer than usual or is not too hot, then there are chances that the phone can explode.

Battery Swellings-
You may have seen many smartphones that their batteries start to blossom. Many times the emergence of this phone appears on the back panel of the phone. It is a hint that the battery of the phone is damaged and it can blast anytime.

Use of the phone during charging-
Keep one thing in mind, do not use it when your phone is charging. In this case, the phone starts to overheat and you can be an accident victim.

Do not Warm Place Phone Charging-
If you put your phone in a hot place and charging the phone there, then you are calling yourself the accident. Tell us that many people keep charging the smartphone on the car’s dack and during that the phone becomes quite hot. Also do not charge the phone by placing it above the fridge.

When the phone is wet –
If the smartphone has fallen into water, then fixing it on the repairing shop is a good option to avoid an accident. Most phones start repairing their phones when the phone is wet, and in such cases there may be an accident after the short circuit in the battery.


Smartphone’s interest in users is increasing in these days. Everyone wants to keep the latest phone itself, but no matter how advanced the phone is, there is no less than a box without the internet. That is, internet is very important in the phone, only then you can stay active on the social media group, you will be able to make chatting on the WhatsApp all day long, shopping online and much more.

Telecom companies are providing many cheap data plans and tariffs at this time, so internet access has become very easy for everyone. All keep their phones ready with the internet so that they can meet all the needs.

Now many times we unknowingly spend more data than we need, so that when there is a need, there is no data in the phone and your balance starts cutting.

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