Smartphone tips part-3

Most users worldwide use Android. There are plenty of updates on Android from time to time, which can improve your phone performance. However, some users do not pay attention to the software updates and do not even consider it necessary.

Software updates can add many new features to your phone. With these updates, security patches and bug fixes are also provided, which are considered good for the phone. In such a situation, if there are any updates available in your phone, they must apply.

To check the updates, first you go to your phone’s settings. After this here you will find the option of ABOUT Phone, tap on it. Check for updates now by visiting System Updates here. If an update is present then apply it.

Keep in mind that your phone has a battery charge and you are using Wi-Fi. This process can take time.

If a file is deleted by mistake while working on a laptop or computer, then you have the option of restoring it already. You can go straight to the recycle bin and restore it. But when it comes to the smartphone, you do not get any such option here.

If something went wrong with the phone, then understand. Yes, the feature of restoring the image is given in some phones. In the video given in today’s article, we will tell you the specialty of an app that can restore all such files to your phone. With the help of this app you will be able to restore accidentally deleted photos, videos, apps, documents and apps from the phone.

The name of this great app is the Dumpster app, it can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Through this app, you can restore almost all types of files. However, one thing to note is that in this app you will also get a lot of ads.

Even though these questions seem to be more difficult than the questions of Math and Science but it is not because there is a direct answer. But the same question if you prayed 3 or 4 years ago then the answer could have been yes because as you all know Technology keeps changing. Now know its technical aspect so that you do not have any idea then that this is the answer.

First of all, find out which smartphone you are currently using, there is an auto cut off charging system that means that once your phone is fully charged, the charging of it automatically closes i.e. Take out that if you leave the phone in the charging all night, then it will break or the battery will be damaged.

If you do not have faith, then pay a little bit attention while charging the phone in a charging plug. A light is lit in some phones, in light of the battery when the light is charging, the light turns off in some way, that means your battery is fully charged. The sensors engaged in the phone stop charging.

At the same time some people also say that the phone should not talk while charging, but the phone starts to heat, but it does not have to take any of it if you talk about charging while calling your phone. Hardware and software may be a problem.

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