Smartphones tips part-1

Whether the 3G phone or 4G in the phone of Android phone users, the problem comes only one, it is the Internet speed. If you are also struggling with this problem, these 5 tips will prove to be very helpful for you:

1. Virus scanner

Whenever you are browsing the Internet, the risk of virus remains. These viruses slow down and hurt the speed of your internet, so you should try that first of all, use the virus scanner in your phone, this will not only keep the phone safe, but also improve the internet speed.

2. Cache Memory

With the deletion of unmanaged files from internal memory, it is better if you keep the phone’s cache memory clean.

3. Keep Care of RAM

Keep in mind the phone’s internal memory and RAM memory to get fast internet speed. Not only this, it is better to choose a powerful processor, because RAM and processors are helpful in improving phone and internet performance.

4. Clean up the downloads

We always keep exploring something or something from the Internet. In such a way the download is filled up, try to keep the code always clean. Also, do not even download heavy downloads, it will be much better.

5. Clean internal memory

The more you keep the internal memory as empty as the phone’s use, the better the performance of the phone. As soon as filling the internal memory, the phone will slow down and its impact will fall on it when you are browsing.


The issue of having a smartphone blast has been coming out for some time now. In such a situation, the question arises in the minds of the users that they have a phone, how safe they are, and how it can be ascertained that their smartphone can explode or fire.

We will try to tell you the answers to all these questions arising in your mind.

Battery Flowering-

If your phone’s battery has blossomed, then immediately change it. If the back panel of your phone is seen emerging then keep in mind that too. In this situation, the possibility of battery bursting is highest. Do not tamper with any fluffy battery, it can be dangerous for you.

The heating of the phone-

If your phone gets hot in a while, then immediately take it to the service center. It has been reported in the report that smartphones that are more hot or cracked, smartphones are more heat-ups than before.

Avoid phone frequent fall-

Due to frequent fall of the phone, the battery is damaged. In this case, save the phone from falling over and over again. Your battery can burn anytime.

Do not charge the phone at the hot spot-

Always charge the phone at a place where the temperature is not too hot. Often, keeping the phone in even more sunlight becomes heat and the power of the phone goes off. So keep the phone in normal temperature at the time of charging.

Correct the right when fall into the water Phone-

Often whenever someone’s phone falls into the water, people start trying to fix it at home. Whereas better it is to be repaired in the service center. By going into the water of the phone, the battery can have a short circuit.

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