To make the phone’s internal storage free

Your Android phone is full of images, videos, music and many apps. There are many such apps that eat more memory. Many times your phone gets sloppy, in such a situation it is important for you to know how to reduce the internal storage so that the phone runs fast. Let us tell you some similar ways …

Use Android for Built In Storage
First of all, see what such a thing is spending the most amount of memory. In the Modem version of Androide, there is a storage panel, you will get the information about how much memory is spent on which app.

Reduce the size of the image
Your phone will have an MB of almost photos. Many of these photos will have more memory. There are many apps that reduce the size of the photo and their quality remains the same.

Upload to Cloud Storage
Upload photos and videos to cloud storage. With this you will be able to access the photo in your phone, but they will be saved in cloud storage. This will reduce a lot of space.

Delete cache and junk files
Continue to delete cache and junk files from time to time. This will freeze the space. There are many apps to clean up the phone in the Play Store.

Delete media files which are not working
Wattsup is a common app that we use for media transfer. With this we share photos, videos, so there is more memory expenditure. In such a situation, we must delete the files of junk files and wattups which are not necessary.

Move Apps to SD Card
If you save the app to the storage of Android, it will fill the internal storage. Save them on SD card. The phone will run fast.

Delete the apps that are not working
Removing the apps you are not working from time to time will reduce the phone’s storage and the phone will do the right thing.

Uninstall bloater
Many apps come already in the phone, many of them are not of your work. You can also delete them.

Change the folder to save the screen shot
We often keep screen shots from the phone. But we do not think how heavy these files are. So they can save them in SD card instead of the phone’s memory.

View Log Folders
There are several folders that fill up a lot of memory. With ES File Explorer you can see which folder is taking more memory. Deleting more storage spend log folders.

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