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Amazing Wireless e-Bike Conversion Kit That Easily Converts Any Bike Electric in 2020


This is the Unlimited eBike Conversion Kit made by Unlimited Engineering, trendsetters in metropolitan movement. Geared up with cordless innovation, this street-legal wireless eBike conversion set fits any bike in minutes by merely switching out the front wheel, plugging in the battery, and patent-pending Bluetooth pedal sensing unit, and you’re great to go!

wireless ebike kit

The Unlimited eBike Conversion Kit deals with city, mountain or roadway bikes that have disc or rim brakes. You’ll get lots of torque while going up hills– thanks to its fully-integrated, high-voltage 52V battery that’s super-efficient. It likewise provides a 22-50 miles (35-80 km) variety, power of 750W USA (250W EU), and a speed of 20mph USA (25 km/h EU).

With the combination of WiFi and Bluetooth, you can personalize your flight through remote diagnostics and automated updates. Constructed with an user-friendly user interface, it has a single multi-color LED button, app control panel, and an optional display screen that reveals real-time statistics like speed, range, and battery.

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